Upgrade your coffee.
Reduce your footprint.

Specialty coffee for your office. Imported on sailboats.

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Coffee is the most drunk beverage in the world, but we tend to ignore it's significant ecological footprint through farming, shipping and packaging.

Our Mission

Step up your coffee game while reducing your footprint. Sounds impossible? It’s not. Here’s how we brew it:

sourcing only from farms with responsible water usage
emission free on sailboats
last mile delivery on bicycles with zero emissions.
reusable boxes close the sustainable circle.
*as of now the entire cycle is only available for the "Pablo de la Vela" coffee

footprint by 60%

Delivery in sustainable boxes closes our sustainable circle

ultra fresh coffee, straight from the roastery

Saving 54 kg of waste a year per office

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Over 3000 employees are already enjoying
fresh and sustainable coffee at their work place

Starting at 1€/employee

Impact on a
100 person office

Packaging waste

Our packaging is fully reusable. Eliminating carton & plastic waste.

CO2 Emmissions

Significantly reducing CO2 emissions

Ground water usage

We only import coffee from farms with working water recycling or "dry" processing

Quality & Freshness

Delivery within 48 hours after roasting.

Value for money

A selection from the worlds best farms at fair prices.

Employee happiness

Employees feel more valued and time at the office becomes a pleasure.

Yvonne Surma
Head of HR, Upday Axel Springer

“Everybody in the team loves the coffee and the sustainable aspect really convinced us.”

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Mit OROMO trinken schon 3000 Menschen jeden Tag frischen Kaffee gesund und lecker am Arbeitsplatz

Roadmap to green coffee

August 2019

Extending portfolio to sailboat coffee and first bicycle deliveries

October 2019

Sustainable coffee and CO2 free last mile delivery for all B2B clients in Berlin

November 2019

Bicycle delivery also for B2C clients

January 2020

Fully sustainable import and delivery option for all clients