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Hints of Almond & Light Chocolate

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Origin: Blend of various Coffee countries

Flavour: Almond, light Chocolate and Fruits

Body: Balanced, Velvety

Type: Pure Arabica

Altitude: 1,100 to 2,000 Meters

My Story

Very gently roasted in a drum roaster. We take the time for the perfect roasting, which reflects the whole variety of the coffee and elicits the potential. In order to create a soft, nutty espresso with a touch of spices, we took a lot of time to combine the different beans. With this combination of Arabica beans, we have been able to create a special espresso that consists only of Arabica.

My Roast

I come from Brazil, Sumatra, Karnataka and Ethiopia. I grew up at an altitude of 1100 to 2000 meters, in a tropical green environment with parrots, lots of sun and plenty of rain. Lots of big old trees gave me shade when it's too hot. Brazil gave me my sweetness. Sumatra and Karnataka made me spicy and gave me my strength.. And my fruitiness I got from Ethiopia, my Love. I consist of washed and naturally prepared beans. I am a blend to create the best espresso possible with different Arabica beans.