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Biodegradable pods with hints of chocolate and almonds

30 Pods
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30 pods | 100% Arabica Specialty Coffee | medium-strong roast | biodegradable material* | round taste profile | Blend from four countries | Hints of chocolate and almonds | Pods compatible with most Nespresso®** machines |   *Nach DIN EN ISO 14855 | **Alle Markenrechte stehen den jeweiligen Inhabern zu. OROMO ist mit den jeweiligen Markeninhabern nicht verbunden.

My Story

These pods combine everything that Oromo stands for. While there are many espresso pods out there, only a few are biodegradable and almost none are filled with true specialty coffee. The rare combination of biodegradable pods and specialty beans allows us to show the potential of this miraculous bean. We have rounded up the package with a medium-strong roast that brings out chocolate and almond flavours.