A bit of history:

According to legend, an Abyssinian goatherd discovered coffee around 850 AD. He observed his goats chewing bright red berries that grew on some green bushes nearby. The goats became increasingly active and lively after a while. The goatherd tried a few berries himself and soon felt a sense of elevation. He filled his pockets with the berries and ran to a monastery to show his discovery. The monks didn’t trust the beans and burned them in the fire. Within minutes the monastery was filled with the aroma of roasting beans. The chief monk ordered the grains to be placed in a safe place covered with hot water to preserve the new discovery. That night the monks assembled to drink the rich fragrant brew, and vowed that they would drink it daily to keep them awake during their long, nocturnal devotions.

While this popular account provides a religious approval for the drinking of roasted coffee, it is also known that some ethnic groups, amongst others the people of the OROMO tribe, were the first to consume coffee.

Kaffa, the province in the south-western highlands where the beans first blossomed, gave its name to the liquid gold known today as coffee.

A new experience
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Coffee tastes have changed over the past decade. We realised that coffee can be more than a dark liquid that keeps you awake. With special roasting and brewing techniques we are now able to extract a vast variety of distinct aromas and flavours from the beans. OROMO is on a mission to help you explore this exciting new world.

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Medium - Grind

The Aeropress has something futuristic about it and also makes good coffee. Actually, Aerobie invents frisbees that almost make it into space, but with the Aeropress it combines coffee and frisbee, and that works pretty well.

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French Press

Medium Grind

French Press coffee has a full body and has more fullness in taste, but has its very own elegance.The jug is easy to use, quick to clean and does not require a paper filter.

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Filter Coffee

Medium Grind

The ritual of the pour over is like a meditation: there is no machine in the way, no flashing lights, no power cables. Just you and a few simple tools. Observe the blossom, weigh yourself in the first moves of coffee-drunk steam, follow the soothing spirals of pouring over. This simple, meditative experience will bring you into harmony with your coffee.

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