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Created by four entrepreneurs who have seen it all before, from old, stale coffee to an empty machine on a Monday morning. OROMO’s special deals combine fresh coffee with the right machines and guarantee the highest convenience for businesses.

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Never worry about coffee again.

We believe that good coffee is essential to any productive workspace. That’s why Oromo delivers freshly roasted coffees to offices ensuring the best experience at all times. Businesses receive the highest convenience through Oromo’s special deals that combine fresh coffee and the right machinery to ensure the best delivery.

Complete Service

We’re here to make your life easier (and better). Thus we take care of timely coffee delivery and machine maintenance.


You’re in charge when it comes to the flexibility of your coffee plan. You can change, pause or cancel it at any time.

Value for money

We believe top quality doesn’t need to be crazy expensive. We strive to offer the best quality beans at reasonable prices.

B2B Price

We believe top quality doesn't need to be crazy expensive. We strive to offer the best quality beans at reasonable prices.

If you break it down per cup, our coffee is more than 25% less expensive then large capsule providers. We help you find the right package tailored to your needs.

Price per cup

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Fresh artisanal roast

We roast the best speacialty coffee at our Berlin roastery and deliver it straight to your office.


We’ve partnered with some of the world’s best machine producers to tailor a package for you that brings the most out of your coffee at lower costs than retail prices.

Never run out

Order once and never run out. We send the coffee fresh from our Berlin roastery to your office so no aromas are getting lost. the full aroma stays in the bean, where it belongs!

Turn your office into a cafe.